Saturday, November 29, 2014

ARC Review: My Cowboy Homecoming by Z.A. Maxfield

Cowboys! That's all the incentive I need. this is the third book in the cowboys series.

Lucho is a sexy Mexican cowboy on the J-Bar Ranch and he's got serious beef with the new hand Tripp who's indirectly responsible for the death of his grandfather but it's hard to hate someone who's just so nice.

Tripp has been under his father's finger all his life and even after going to war and his father to jail still he can't get out from under his influence. He's come home to help his mother who's already lost one son and who's husband is in jail. His mother helps get him a job at the J-Bar Ranch which is run by the gay couple Malloy and Crispin (from the first book) they take him in happily and soon everyone loves him everyone other than Lucho that is.

Just by being his wonderful non evil self helping Lucho who's got a crushed foot via a frightened rescue horse Tripp eventually wears Lucho down and they finally give into that strong attraction that's been zinging between them from the beginning.

I love me some Latino boys in my books so I really love Lucho and Tripp's a good boy given a bad hand in life but he makes it work. Not all that much sex in this book but hey sexy cowboys :D I just love Z.A Maxfield's writing I've loved everything I've read by her and I plan on reading many more.

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