Monday, May 20, 2013

Breathless - Brigid Kemmerer

5/5 Holy ***! This was Awesome! Eeee okay okay okay so this one's about Nick who apparently has a little secret. Nick has been dating Quinn for a couple weeks now but things aren't really going anywhere then one day when he goes to pick her up from dance practice Quinn introduces him to her friend Adam, a fellow dancer whom Nick can't seem to stop staring at. Later that night when Quinn is in trouble him and Adam both go help and Nick can't help but act on the feelings he's been having for years. I'm seriously excited to read more on Nick!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Summer I Became a Nerd - Leah Rae Miller

3.7 This was really cute! Maddie loves comics problem is she's a popular cheerleader type who has to keep an image,hanging with the cool kids and having a quarterback boyfriend and all that so if her secret got out it for sure would be catastrophic right? But then Maddie meets a boy (oooooh) a cute nerdy boy who works at a comic book shop they start to hang out and go to RPG games things are great except for the fact that Maddie feels she has to hide this side of her, keeping Logan secret from her friends therefore ruining her relationships. The Summer I Became A Nerd is a great book about being true to yourself.

Shades of Gray - Brooke Mckinley

4 Stars. Good Book.'Twas about an FBI agent working to catch a drug lord and in order to do so he'll run over anyone including one of the drug lord's men, Danny Butler, thing is that from the moment agent Miller Sutton sets eyes on Danny bleeding to death in an interrogation room he can't help but be attracted to him. Sutton cuts a deal with Danny; be an informant, help catch the boss, Hinestroza, witness against him and Danny won't be arrested. to which Danny reluctantly agrees. Miller assures that he'll be protected and be perfectly safe but then an assassin comes after Danny and Miller ends up having to protect Danny himself staying on the run but being inclosed together in small quarters sparks a friendship that quickly turns to love but love isn't enough not with Miller unable to come to terms with the fact that he's guy not to mention his fiance and Danny can't forgive himself for what happened in the past, a past that he can't seem to escape.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Iron Man 3

7/10 Iron Awesome! Yea this movie was great, a terrific end for the Iron Man trilogy. The bad guy is using human bombs to wreak havoc and who's gonna stop him? Iron Man! That's who. Tony's having a tough time with anxiety attacks and a slight obsession with working on his suits, an old friend appears but is she really a friend? The movie is really good, action packed and full of heart-stopping moments def a must see.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Kitty Rocks the House(Kitty Norville 11) - Carrie Vaughn

4/5 As a series progresses the story may start to wear thin but at book eleven I still love Kitty Norville. In Kitty's latest great adventure strangers have appeared in Denver; a Vampire priest who wants to recruit Rick for his mission of God and a rogue werewolf wanting to join Kitty's pack. Kitty sure has a lot on her plate what with having to care for her pack, fighting off obtruders, fighting Roman and her talkshow. Things sure aren't looking good.

Chosen at Nightfalll - C. C. Hunter

4 Stars. The final book of the series. Sigh, all good things come to an end and in the case of Chosen at Nightfall it was a great end.In this final entry Kiley comes back to Shadow Falls comes back to troubles; working on forgiving Lucas and a creepy ghost following her asking for her to kill someone then a magical sword starts following Kiley around not to mention Mario still wanting her dead and her mother dating a guy whom she rightfully doesn't trust. Oh the drama. An exciting read that wrapped up nicely I love this series and I'm sad to see it end.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sweet Peril - Wendy Higgins

4 Stars. I'd been waiting for this one for a while it's the sequel to Sweet Evil. Anna is half demon half angel her job is supposed to be leading people into a life of drug abuse but her dad isn't like the other big bad demons,he actually loves his daughter and doesn't force her to work. When a ghost appears and informs Anna of a prophecy in which she rids the world of demons Anna with help from her dad and friends sets out to build an army of allied nephilim. Things get heated when she reunites with Kaidan, the boy she's in love with. Too bad Kaidan is the son of lust making him nephililm and two nephs are not permitted to fall in love on penalty of death. this was my favorite part: Through the shuffle of noise I heard a voice that made my ears perk up. “Anna!” I hiccuped again, and froze at the sound of that English accent. My head whipped around. My body clenched—if he was really here something had to be wrong. The hanky fell to my lap at the sight of Kaidan jogging up the middle of the terminal, stopping at the end of our row of chairs. Holy crap . . . my legs went numb. People halted their shuffling at the presence of this disheveled young man with wild blue eyes. He stood there, hair falling in his face, staring at me with a bizarre expression of euphoria. All eyes went from him to me and back again. A wide path was cleared down the aisle. “What’s wrong?” I asked. I knew I should stand but it was like my body had gone into shock I—Nothing.” He peered around the area, harried, as if scouting for possible danger. “How did you get through security?” I asked. “I bought a ticket.” He looked out of his element and more handsome than ever in his board shorts, dirty T-shirt, and flip-flops. Just as I’d left him. “You . . . you’re going on this flight?” I was so confused No,” he said, “but those buggers wouldn’t page you. And your phone is off.”" This was an exciting read with heartbreak and victory I just love Kaidan and Anna and I can't wait for the next book.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Angel in Chains - Cynthia Eden

This one's about Az! I have been wanting to get his story since the beginning and it did not disappoint. Azrael was the antagonist in the first book where he kept trying to kill Keenan's Vampire in the wrongful belief that he was doing Keenan a favor his out of bounds actions causing him to fall. Now Az meets this pretty little human, Jade. He saves her from some shifters seeing it as a chance at redemption while she sees him as her chance of freedom from her psycho obsessed ex who happens to be a shifter/angel making him rather difficult to kill even for a fallen death angel but in the process of using each other they can't help but fall in love something the crazy shifter can't stand for epic battles commence people die and Az gets his HEA.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Remember Sunday

Remember Sunday 7/10

This past weekend on ABC I watched
this movie called Remember Sunday it was about this guy (Zachary Kevi) who has short term memory loss and every night he forgets everything that happened the past day though he still has his memories from before he lost it. Well this guy, Gus, he meets this girl called Molly. (Alexis Bledel ) and they fall in love wonderful right? No as aforementioned Gus forgets everything each night so when he goes to sleep he forgets Molly down to her name using this system set by his doctor and siblings he has to relearn everything about his girlfriend everyday and everyday he falls in love with her. Molly has a hard time dealing with her boyfriend's condition at first but in the end she finally accepts him for who he is whether he ever gets better or not.