Monday, June 30, 2014

ARC Review Tristant and Elijah by Jennifer Lavoie

Tristant has had a crush on Elijah forever but he knows that he's straight and therefore off limits so imagine his surprise when Elijah seems to show interest in him, bringing him coffee and actually talking to him. Tristant comes across an old letter of his great great uncle's in an old book of trains with a seemingly scandalous message, intrigued he goes to his grandmother who directs him to boxes of old stuff where he comes across Uncle Glenn's old diary Elijah and him read the journal and are shocked to discover Glenn's secret.

City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

5 Estrellas! JEEEEM!!! Jem Jem Jem Jem was in this he was he was! :D I love Jem. Okay. City of Heavenly Fire is the last book of The Mortal Instruments. Sebastian is creating an army of Zombie like evil shadowhunters and trying to take over the world or whatever. Clary and friends set off into a demon realm to find and defeat Sebastian before his evil shadowhunter zombies kill off everyone in the city. In this book we get a deeper view at what happened before and after the epilogue of Clockwork princess and a look at the new characters that will be staring in the next shadowhunter series, they seem awesome and i'm already excited. COHF was amazing and it ended nicely this whole series is awesome i love Cassandra Clare's writing and can't wait for the next Series.

The Darkest Craving by Gena Showalter

4 Stars. Kane is the keeper of disaster and he hates it, hates his demon and the messes it makes. Josephina is the bastard daughter of the fae king and is treated as a blood slave and servent she gets sent to hell after being punished for something her sister, the keeper of irresponsibility, does and there she ends up finding and saving Kane from his torture in return she asks that he kills her to which he refuses. She runs off and he chases. They both end up in the fairy relm where Kane ends up engaged to the wrong woman and an evil Phoenix keeps trying to kill Josephina. Another LOTU book that I love. Okay I love all the lords especially Torin in fact I'm now part of Touch me Torin!

Shock & Awe by Abigail Roux

5! 5 wonderful Stars! Nick and Kelly!!! I've already read this sucker several times and I swear it gets better every time! After the events of Touch & Geaux that left Kelly with a bullet hole in the chest he goes home to recover with a sexy Irish boy acting as a nurse. After one too many painkillers Kelly gets curious about the dark side and asks Nick for a kiss, that one leads to more. Nick gets spooked by the rightness of it all and Kelly is forced to rethink things about himself. After Shock & Awe there's the short: Bait & Switch which starts with Nick paying Zane a visit during a short leave and ends with him and Kelly making an...a hurm...Home Vid. Very hot. As Awesome as this was it's not enough to sustain my need for Ty and Zane 'til Ball & Chain.

Cut & Run by Abigail Roux

5 Stars! Been meaning to read this for ages I finally got around to listening to the audio book and I'm glad I did this book is Really great and I just know I'm gonna end up reading the whole series. Cut & Run is about two agents with clashing personalities that are put together to work on a dangerous case. Though at first they pretty much hate each other after a while they begin to trust each other and more ;) I Loved this so you guys should totally read it as well.

Champion by Marie Lu

5 Stars! Okay Wow that was amazing! Champion is the last book in the Legend trilogy (sad I know) in it Day, our beautiful hero, is dying and struggling in his last days to continue fighting against the colonies who are attacking the republic...and winning. The Elector is desperate and enlists the help of Day and the Patriots to help slow them down. June is working close to the Elector and helping him in leading the republic in this battle. Eden once again is needed for research. This is war with the fall of the old Republic a new nation rises and now has to fight to survive. Champion is fast pased and action packed with sweet and sad mixed in for maximum awesomeness. The ending is beautiful and a satisfyingly wonderful ending to an amazing trilogy.

The Truth about Riley by Henrietta Clarke

5 Stars! A personal fav of mine. I think this is just beautiful it's about two people falling in love without even knowing what the other looks like it's falling in love with words. Riley is a nice guy with horrid scars on his face from a fire. One night, feeling depressed in desperation he calls a number for phone sex he finds on the floor but instead of getting what he wanted he gets what he needed, a friend. Cameron is a business man who's vindictive ex put his number into a gay magazine for people to call and it's really bugging him, by the 40th call he snaps and goes off on the unsuspecting caller only to be called back and ranted on by said caller (Riley) this leads to them talking and bonding. They continue to speak throughout months slowly falling in love without actually meeting though they keep seeing each other around both attracted to each other and not knowing who the other actually is. The ending is beautiful this whole book is. I kept getting chills. Seriously can't wait for the next one!

Who We Are by T.J. Klune

Shower them stars upon thee! 5 Stars! And now I shall blabber on about how amazingly awesome this book is. The Love between Otter and Bear is so beautiful it hurts. Really. Who We Are continues right after the first book with Bear, Otter and the Kid moving in together all is not happy happy though what with the custody trial coming up and their family having trouble understanding that they're together together. Ah I just loved this book! Oh my God the part with the ring? Tears. Sure there was a sad part here and there but there were also a bunch of hilarious scenes that had me shaking with laughter. That epilogue foretells awesome things to come in the next book which I shall be starting immediately. Oh and I listened to the audiobook of this and just wanted to say that Charlie David is a wonderful narrator.

Diversion by Eden Winters

5 Stars! I hadn't read a book this good in a while it has everything: Action, adventure, mystery, romance, guys with guns! Lucky is an ex-criminal now working with a drug prevention agency to help bring down the bad guys. Though at first coerced into joining the SNB Lucky's began to enjoy what he works for even if he won't admit it to himself. In comes the rookie: Bo. Tea Loving, Real Sugar hating, Veggie eating, owner of one fine Bubble Butt thrust onto lucky as his partner in his next assignment where they have to infiltrate a clinic/drug store that is selling illegal pharmaceuticals. Bad guys, Bad drugs, Awesomeness, and in the middle of hating each other they somehow end up in bed together and things get even more interesting.

Snowcroft Lost by Christi Snow

4 Stars. Jamie has been in love with his straight best friend Trevor forever and just when he can no longer take the pain of one sided love an accident ends with Trevor losing his memory. Trevor wakes not remembering anything. What happened? Why was he out on the trail by himself? and who is this gorgeous stranger by his bed? All of a sudden Jamie's wildest dreams are coming true when Trevor decides he wants a relationship with him but can he trust Trevor's feelings when he can't even remember his own name? As Trevor's memory slowly returns he gets deeper in his investigation of a human trafficking organization that may be happening in the very forest that he protects. Maybe that accident wasn't really an accident.

Secret by Brigid Kemmerer

5 Crazy Stars!!! I'd been dying to read this ever since Breathless, seriously the wait was agonizing. Secret is both Nick and Quinn's story Nick is falling apart. He's working hard helping his brother keep their business afloat and fears leaving for college and leaving his brothers too much to open the possible college acceptance letters he's received not to mention Adam. Adam is Quinn's dance partner and his boyfriend, a boyfriend who's existence is unknown to his family as is the fact that he even likes guys. Then there's the new Guide come to town with Merrick blood on his mind. Quinn has a horrid homelife her mother is a drunk that couldn't care less about her and her brother Jack who's supposed to be home from college is actually running a drug den from her room and likes to beat on her for no reason. She starts hanging with Tyler, an elemental that hates the Merricks but is really nice to her. Dancing with Adam is one of the better parts of her life right now. Secret is every bit as awesome as i'd hoped it would be it's a wonderful story about not being afraid to be who you are.

Spirit by Brigid Kemmerer

5 Stars! I liked this more than I had thought I would being that I previously held Ill feelings towards Hunter but no worries such issues have been resolved. This book is about Hunter. Hunter Garrity is the son of a Guide he is also a fifth meaning he has some control over all the elements and he also has the strongest connection to those around him. Things have been rough with Hunter's family lately and when his grandfather kicks him out Michael, being the awesome guy that he is takes him in. Hunter meets a new girl and it's instant attraction but what he doesn't realize is that the new girl, Kate, is actually a Guide who came into town with her psychopath partner named Silver to destroy the Merricks. Even though they both suffer from trust issues Kate and Hunter grow real close. Hunter is torn between his new friendship with the Merricks and doing what he feels he should do, Kate learns that maybe the elementals aren't the real evil out there. Get ready to cry and throw your book at the wall, this book is amazing!


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