Wednesday, November 12, 2014

ARC Review: The Glass Prince by Sandra Bard

Daniel is a lonely mage with powers over glass he has had no real human contact since he was a kid for whenever he touches someone that person is unintentionally treated to glass embedded skin. So naturally when he meets someone who's unaffected by his magic he's curious but then curiosity turns to obsession where-then he ends up unintentionally intentionally kidnapping Eren who apart from being immune to magic is a rather ordinary guy with a girlfriend and and wheelchair bound mother he takes care of.

I found the world this is placed in fascinating but the development of the love between the two MCs just didn't quite cut it for me it was kinda, well, Stockholm syndromeish and the ending was rather abrupt though it had potential to be really something I only give it three stars. Still I enjoyed it well enough and found the whole magic thing interesting I should read more Paranormal.

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