Thursday, October 1, 2015

Crossroads by Riley Hart


9/30/15 Reread.

Yup still a 5.

I love this book. Love it. It's a wonderful Contemporary with double gay for you, super hot, dirty talking, sex!

Nick just got out of a long marriage that ended when his wife left him for the man she'd been cheating on him with. He's understandably depressed but hopeful for the future he has his new restaurant that's doing pretty well and he just moved in to his new home that shares a backyard with his new neighbor.

Bryce can't seem to figure himself out, it took forever for him to settle on a career path and his love life is filled with short relationships and shorter one night stands. His mother is exasperated but hopes he'll marry his girlfriend soon, only he hasn't been dating her in months just hasn't told her in fear of breaking her heart. At least his new neighbor, Nick seems to be cool. The two quickly bond over motorcycles and food. Bryce and Nick become inseparable, attached at the hip and Bryce's family suspects a little more than friendship is going on there except neither guy is gay but maybe, for each other?

Cue the smoking hot sex!

As the two fall in love they quickly realize that love isn't all they need and figuring out how to get their families to accept and believe in their relationship may be harder than they hoped.

I loved Riley Hart's book Collide but I think maybe this one is even better. I first read Crossroads right when it came out back in July and just two months later I'm reading it again! Also I love the cover, so cute and Black and White :D

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