Friday, September 11, 2015

Lovers & Fighters by Nash Summers


I fell in love with Nash Summer’s writing when I read Maps a while back, she has such a wonderful way of bringing such amazing, colorful characters to life. And so when a saw she had an actual book not just a short story coming up I could barely contain my joy; I ended up reading it in a single sitting and I was correct in assuming it was going to be something amazing. Just like her characters Maps and Rust, Julian is an amazing unreal person bursting with personality and Scott who's internal struggle resonates with me, that struggle to be who everyone expects you to be while hiding who you really are.

In short this book is a piece of art just like Julian is and I'll continue reading anything Nash writes.

Oh, right the story is about Scott who's a modern art curator at a museum. Trapped in his own life just going through the motions and trying to be someone who his parents can be proud of and dating a nice guy because they just work. Then his carefully planned life gets shattered as does his heart when he meets the artfully broken Julian, a photographer with a ton of baggage and a troubled past and even though Scott knows that Julian doesn't fit his schedule he can't help obsessing over the beautiful boy who walks balloon toting dogs and has a different name everywhere he works who is his opposite in every way and who stole his heart the first time they met.

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