Thursday, October 16, 2014

Outcome by Cara Dee

Whooo! After I finished Aftermath which was Amaaaazing! I was really dying to read this and the moment it came out you know I was right on it! SO worth the wait. Outcome is fabulous!

Da Blurb:Chase not quite over his abduction and escape three years ago still has nightmares and unanswered questions though things do seem brighter now, owning his own bar and with Austin and Cam, the main characters from the first book Aftermath, back in his life as great friends, definitely brighter. And then one day a guy in his underwear ends up at his bar, a man that he's shocked to realize he knows. Remy Stahl, the guy his abductor made him be in his sick little fantasy.

Remy has spiraled out of control, drugs, booze and random hookups are destroying him and his worried friends decide to do something about it, Chaining him to the bed to sober up and trying to make him see the light. Remy escapes to the nearest bar but without money he ends up just sitting in the corner....mostly naked. And then he's being kicked out by the last man he wants to see.

Then there's anger, regret, healing and a lil loooving :D

Characters with major drama? Yes please I wonder if there will be more to this series and if so who will it feature? Hmmmmm.

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