Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ARC Review: The Merchant of Death by Lisa Henry and J. A. Rock

Just as funny and exciting as the first.

Henry's on a crazy mission to find out what's going on at a care facility, a crazy mission that includes lies and a wig. Mac is reluctant to help out since there is no actual hard evidence that there's anything fishy going on but Henry's adamant about the evil of the place. To make things worse Mac's under investigation for some false accusation filed on him and OPR is all over him. not to mention that during all this crazy he's actually supposed to be on medical leave.

I love the two characters, Mac the FBI agent on a diet that aggrieves him to no end and Henry the con artist who on the outside seems like a selfish crook but is actually completely selfless and will do anything for the ones he loves.

This book was so much fun with some cross dressing thrown in :D I'm seriously loving this series and can't wait to read more since it went and ended at a dun dun dun moment.

Mac and Cheese go great together!

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