Monday, June 30, 2014

The Truth about Riley by Henrietta Clarke

5 Stars! A personal fav of mine. I think this is just beautiful it's about two people falling in love without even knowing what the other looks like it's falling in love with words. Riley is a nice guy with horrid scars on his face from a fire. One night, feeling depressed in desperation he calls a number for phone sex he finds on the floor but instead of getting what he wanted he gets what he needed, a friend. Cameron is a business man who's vindictive ex put his number into a gay magazine for people to call and it's really bugging him, by the 40th call he snaps and goes off on the unsuspecting caller only to be called back and ranted on by said caller (Riley) this leads to them talking and bonding. They continue to speak throughout months slowly falling in love without actually meeting though they keep seeing each other around both attracted to each other and not knowing who the other actually is. The ending is beautiful this whole book is. I kept getting chills. Seriously can't wait for the next one!

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