Monday, June 30, 2014

Spirit by Brigid Kemmerer

5 Stars! I liked this more than I had thought I would being that I previously held Ill feelings towards Hunter but no worries such issues have been resolved. This book is about Hunter. Hunter Garrity is the son of a Guide he is also a fifth meaning he has some control over all the elements and he also has the strongest connection to those around him. Things have been rough with Hunter's family lately and when his grandfather kicks him out Michael, being the awesome guy that he is takes him in. Hunter meets a new girl and it's instant attraction but what he doesn't realize is that the new girl, Kate, is actually a Guide who came into town with her psychopath partner named Silver to destroy the Merricks. Even though they both suffer from trust issues Kate and Hunter grow real close. Hunter is torn between his new friendship with the Merricks and doing what he feels he should do, Kate learns that maybe the elementals aren't the real evil out there. Get ready to cry and throw your book at the wall, this book is amazing!

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