Saturday, July 26, 2014

Road of No Return by K.A. Merikan

First of all I received this book for an honest review so thanks and here:

What to write, what to write? Okay. Wow this book was Intense not an easy read it's dark, gritty and full of angst. Not for the faint of heart this one. Stitch is a biker in an MC full of homophobic bikers. Which would be fine if he weren't so deep in the closet he was choking on Aslan's ass. On the day of his divorce while partying up his freedom in walks the most perfect tattooed stranger.

Zak is new in town he inherited a house when his aunt died and decided to move in and become the town's tattoo artist. Going into a biker bar he's all about spreading the word on his new business and ends up meeting a sexy biker. After a hot tattooing session the two start seeing each other in secret but how long can they keep their little secret secret?

I notice a lot of people don't like Stitch but I can't help but like him sure he's possessive and wild but he has his good sides. Though Stitch is a criminal I feel sorta bad for him having to hide who he really is to stay in a club he doesn't really love anymore and to keep seeing his daughter whom his ex wife makes difficult. Zak is really cool in how he supports Stitch no matter what. I love the two together they have such explosive chemistry and throughout the book I keep hoping they will work it out and be together.

A really great book which I shall start recommending to my cooler of friends.

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