Friday, April 26, 2013

Remember Sunday

Remember Sunday 7/10

This past weekend on ABC I watched
this movie called Remember Sunday it was about this guy (Zachary Kevi) who has short term memory loss and every night he forgets everything that happened the past day though he still has his memories from before he lost it. Well this guy, Gus, he meets this girl called Molly. (Alexis Bledel ) and they fall in love wonderful right? No as aforementioned Gus forgets everything each night so when he goes to sleep he forgets Molly down to her name using this system set by his doctor and siblings he has to relearn everything about his girlfriend everyday and everyday he falls in love with her. Molly has a hard time dealing with her boyfriend's condition at first but in the end she finally accepts him for who he is whether he ever gets better or not.

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